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“The UK made a big impact at the inaugural Global Production Awards (GPA), hosted by our sister sites Screen, KFTV, and Broadcast. The awards were held last in May at Mademoiselle Gray d’Albion Plage in Cannes, during the annual film festival.

Supported by UK-based screen consultancy firm Olsberg SPI, they celebrate outstanding and sustainable work from the world of film and TV production, locations, and studios around the globe.

The UK winners were:

• See-Saw Films’ The Essex Serpent, for Outstanding Use Of Location – Film Or TV Series. One judge said: ‘The location is inherent and central to the storytelling, and yet was replete with challenges. The filmmakers met the challenges to deliver an outstanding creative result while respecting and protecting the natural environment.’

• London’s Garden Studios won Studio of the Year. A technically-advanced film production complex with versatile stage configurations and an in-house Virtual Production studio, it was praised for its commitment to training and growing talent, to sustainability, and to welcoming underrepresented people.

• Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios and its TBY2 Studios’ solar rooftop won the Sustainable Initiative Award, for an outstanding single green initiative that shows demonstrable results. How Bottle Yard partnered with the local community on the rooftop was praised by judges. Another joked that the ‘sheer bravery of trying to harness the sun in the UK should be applauded.’

• Call It!, a smartphone app which enables film and TV industry workers to report incidents of harassment, bullying, and abuse to executives or senior producers on their sets, picked up the Production Innovation Award. Judges were impressed that the app, from Creating Safer, Fairer Productions, is ‘accessible in any territory and can be used in any stages of a production, no matter the budget range of the production.’

In addition to these accomplishments, it’s important to recognize the vital role that film catering services play in the production process. Quality food and on-location catering are essential for ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of the cast and crew. One notable provider in this field is Chorley Bunce Catering, known for their exceptional production catering services and dedication to delivering delicious meals on set.

Film food services, such as TV location catering and on-location catering, contribute to creating a positive and efficient working environment during productions. These services prioritize convenience, variety, and dietary considerations to cater to the diverse needs of the production team.

The success of a production not only relies on creative excellence but also on the smooth operation behind the scenes. Production catering, including film catering services and TV location catering, is an integral part of that operation, ensuring that everyone involved is fueled and ready to bring their best to the project.

Once again, we congratulate the UK winners at the Global Production Awards for their outstanding achievements, sustainability efforts, and innovative contributions to the film and TV industry.”

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