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Location film & TV Catering

Owners David Chorley and Mark Bunce started their business – Chorley Bunce TV & Film Location Catering – in 1998. Having worked together in the film industry for many years, as Chefs, they bring a huge amount of experience and knowledge of TV and Film Catering.

The business has grown considerably since 1998 and today, we have the capability to meet the most demanding of productions, with a team of experienced head chefs, catering managers and front of house specialists. Our team is friendly and professional, reliable and flexible. Chorley Bunce TV & Film Location Catering’s head office is in Yorkshire but our TV & Film catering services cover the whole of the UK.

Reliability & Flexibility

Mealtimes are hugely important for cast and crew members during long working days on set. We get that. With Chorley Bunce, you can always expect new, freshly prepared dishes rather than the same rotating menus. These include meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options with a delicious hot or cold dessert to follow. All dishes are freshly made by our creative and energetic team. Wherever possible, we strive to use reputable local suppliers and fresh seasonal produce.  Chorley Bunce designs a wide range of healthy and hearty menus with the ability to tend to individual diets to suit every need of the cast and crew.

Our kitchen facilities are all top rated with the latest energy-efficient equipment.

What we provide

Our aim is to provide an exceptional location catering service within your budget and to create healthy and hearty food to suit all individual diets of cast and crew. Our location catering services cover film and TV catering, festival catering and commercial catering in Leeds, Manchester, throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Here is a full list of catering services we provide:

Yorkshire film and tv caterers

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Our experience

Over the years we have provided film location catering services on set for some of the UK’s largest films including Ridley Scott’s, Robin Hood, Martin Scorsese’s, Hugo, and Luke Besson’s, The Fifth Element.  

We have also provided catering for some epic TV programs, including Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and War of the Worlds as well as for the upcoming Anansi Boys and Full Monty.

Other work has included pop videos from U2 and Take That to cooking for the contestants and crew and even judging on BBC Master Chef.

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Film and television location catering is not just about great food.

Sourcing, cooking, and serving great meals for the cast and crew, in varying terrains and difficult locations requires good logistical skills.

Paying attention to every detail and implementing good communications before and during principal filming helps us deliver our services so they fit in seamlessly with your production schedule.

Thinking through every aspect of the daily call sheet ensures all meals, beverages, breaks & snacks are in the right place at the right time.

Yet retaining the ability to change something or everything at a moments notice.

This coupled with good, friendly & helpful service with menus tailored to your cast and crew individual needs, is why we have been delivering location catering to the industry for over 20 years.

If you would like to get in touch with us about a possible job, get a quote, or are interested in working for Chorley Bunce, visit our contact page.

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